SlickThought Productions

SlickThought produces software for Windows and Microsoft Azure.

We The People

The best U.S. Constitution application for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. We The People is an electronic version of the United States Constitution and all of its amendments. Supports highlighting and searching, along with sharing selected text with other applications. Includes footnotes in original text to show what parts of the Constitution have been amended. Never be without a reference to the most important document in the nation's history.

Tile Golf

Tile Golf is like Yahtzee on a golf course. Roll "tiles" and play them on an 18 hole golf course. Try to get the lowest score you can. Use your mulligan on a bad roll or "Go Low" on a hole to try and get an even better score.

Meeting Minder

Manage your meetings more effectively with Meeting Minder. Visual track the time remaining for your agenda items and the entire meeting.

My Golf Swing

My Golf Swing allows you open videos of your golf swing and use annotation tools to analyze and perfect your swing. Use frame-by-frame viewing to see if your head stays level? Are you keeping the tush line? How much lag do I have in my swing? Trim your video to focus on a single swing - especially useful when submitting video to online golf instructors for professional review. Capture screenshots of your annotated swing for later review.


WinPA lets you turn any Windows 10 PC and Bluetooth speaker system into your own public address system. Broadcast your voice, ideally with a microphone headset, to any Bluetooth speaker that is paired with your PC.

Video Chalk

Video Chalk is the ultimate "virtual chalk" or "telestrator" application. Play videos and record voice overs while you digital annote the video. Frame by frame support, multiple drawing tools, timeline markers to organize your presentation, and more. Great for coaches to review a teams practice and game video. Anyone that needs to analyze video and annotate video will find value in Video Chalk.